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Transition Plate

Applied Network Concepts is announcing the sales of our new transition plate. This plate is made of stainless steel and is automated machine manufactured for accuracy. Space allowing, the transition plate allows any access control panel from any system to be installed into the enclosure of a different system.

This plate eliminates the cost to replace the enclosure and also removes most of the cost in cable rewiring. The plate comes fully assembled with panel mounting stand offs and plate mounting hardware to perform this installation seamlessly in the field. No drilling or enclosure modifications required. The included mounting hardware secures the plate to the existing enclosure mounts inside. This hardware as well as our ability to perform software conversions by importing data from your old system make the transition process cost affective and seamless.

Transition Plate

We calculate at least 40% cost savings on projects using this product for upgrades.
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Applied Network Concepts is excited to announce that we are now a VAR for the Video Vault Archive and Proactive extended storage solutions product line. More details below:

The Vault Archive

This innovative data storage solution is changing the face of archiving security surveillance data. No longer will companies have to worry about their security system's data being overwritten due to lack of space. Vault Data offers up to 3 years of space on ProActive's external hard drive and unlimited space via the cloud.

Backup Conceptual Image

Video Cloud Archiving
Our Patented Technology Offers Tremendous Savings!

⟩ No Need to replace existing hardware!

No Increased Bandwidth Requirements!
No Upfront Hardware Costs!
The Most Cost Effective Cloud Storage Options (From 30 Days to 3 Years)!
Full Health Monitoring of Entire Network!
Worry free Installation and Maintenance!

30 days cloud storage: $7.50 per camera per month
90 days cloud storage: $12.00 per camera per month
6 months cloud storage: $19.00 per camera per month
1 year cloud storage: $30.00 per camera per month
2 year cloud storage: $40.00 per camera per month

One time $295 activation and account setup up fee plus 1st cloud upfront

What is The Vault Storage?

Vault Storage will effectively Back-Up and store your Surveillance Systems Video Data for long periods of time without being overwritten. Most of the time Vault Storage is used passively rather than actively, meaning businesses go back to search and review the footage long after the fact.

Businesses who acquire ProActive Vault Storage are able to access their video footage with ease to be used as evidence in legal cases, protecting them from long term liability concerns.


• Real Time System Failure Alerts
• Triple level redundancy when using onsite and offsite options.
• 256bit AES encryption at rest and during transfers
• Minimum Bandwidth Requirements. ( .7mbps per 16 cameras)
• Customizable Storage Solutions from 3 months - 3 years to meet YOUR needs
• We utilize the most secure data farm in the world -Google Enterprise
• Compatible with all technologies (IP,CVI,TVI, SDI, and Analog
• Easy to use, universal CMS software. Allows you to view the status and manage all your servers from one place using one software
• Free automatic software updates. No firmware upgrades!

Monitor Lines

What Is Pulse Monitoring?

Pulse Monitoring is the stethoscope to security cameras. If there is a single failure, Pulse will send alerts in real time via text or email. Clients are able to view their Security System's network in the Proactive CMS.

If a camera fails, the system will not record data from the time of its failure. This sort of health checking of systems is a necessity for all camera surveillance systems. Pulse Monitoring is the true piece of mind, ensuring your video is there when you need it!


How it works:

How It Works Diagram

Central Monitoring Software (CMS) see live all locations being backed up and monitored.

Dashboard Overview

Proactive Data Storage MonitoringIMAGE

Patented and ISC West Award

Axis 6MP Mini-Dome with 360º Panoramic Viewing